Tuesday, July 1, 2008

playing hookie

T-ball went relatively well on Saturday. This little boy refused to play fielder for some reason, but once it was his turn to bat and run the bases he was fine. Last week he didn't want to bat, this time he didn't want to be a fielder. Go figure. But come Sunday afternoon after his nap, he threw up and ran a fever and then he was down for the count. He stayed home yesterday, but by night time, he was fully recovered. Here's a picture of him just laying down and just watching TV. (I'm fascinated by his long eye-lashes, can't you tell?)

Here are the twins perfecting their own unique way of using their sippy cup. They use it with the spout on the top (upside down) and notice the exaggerated head tilt. It's amazing how early babies learn to do things if you let them. I am letting them do things on their own much earlier than I did with Big Brother.

Their hair is getting long. Their bangs are now touching their eyes so I've had to use hairclips, which I just love! They don't mind the clips at all, but they try to take the other's though!
Jojo (left), Katie (right)


Sheena said...

There is nothing better than an upside down sippy cup! ::haha:: Hannah and Hailey can attest to that one. And those are some beautiful eyelashes. I'm jealous!

mrs.izzy said...

I'm sure his girl friends would hate him. ;-)