Tuesday, July 15, 2008

trains, cars, fire trucks, trains, and more trains

I don't think you're ever seen this much excitement from a 3-year-old. The problem is, that we built up the trip by telling him he would be able to ride in a train. But the way the trip was structured, the train ride was after 2 hours of walking around and looking at the countless trains. When it was finally time to ride the train, he bee-lined for the train like someone was trying to nip his behind.

Look at this boy grinning like a fool.

Here is 3 generations in front of the this 1925 train (picture on the left), but it's actually 5 generations.. Papaw shares his story of riding on this train with his father, and his grandfather running it. Poor little man doesn't know yet that there is another legacy here in store for him - the big belly.

The picture on the right is Daddy and Big Brother's cousins...and no, they are not really funny looking. The sun just happened to be in their eyes.

And here we are, the women-folk. I got a work out carrying Thing 2, but Nana had Thing 1 who is even heavier. Silly me for leaving the stroller at home. Never again!

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