Friday, July 18, 2008

little tricksters already

We were at Big Brother's school waiting for him to finish playing so we could head home yesterday when the girls played a neat trick on me. I had put a hair clip on Thing 2 because her hair is getting in her eyes. But had to take Thing 1's away because she kept taking it off and putting it in her mouth. But while at school, I happened to notice that Thing 2's was gone. So I did my usual sweep of her mouth and found nothing. I looked around her seat and the floor and the basket part of the stroller and didn't find it. Then I happened to see Thing 1's hand closed in a tight fist. I checked it and there it was. Did I mention that Thing 1 is on the front and Thing 2 is in the back? How on earth Thing 1 got a hold of Thing 2's head is beyond me. Oh, and did I mention that I was inches away from them the entire time and still I didn't see how it happened.

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