Friday, July 18, 2008

conspiring twins

Some time this morning, I got two baby books and showed/read them to the twins. They loved the pictures of the babies; Thing 1 kissed the picture of a girl repeatedly. Then I left them to enjoy the books on their own. After I had gone to the kitchen and walked around aimlessly for a few minutes staring at the dirty dishes and pondering whether I wanted to clean them or not, I go back to check on the girls and found them ripping paper covering the binding and eating the paper! So I take the books a way.

Late in the afternoon, in preparing to leave to meet the boys for our Friday picnic, I gather diapers and baby wipes and took then inside the play yard to change diapers. Consistent to what I've been doing a lot lately, I leave the box of wipes in the play yard. I then go upstairs and get dressed. By the time I got back down to the living room, here is what I saw.

I swear these two girls conspired to drive me crazy today when I am already going crazy suffering from womanly pains (cramps).

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Sheena said...

That is more familiar than I'd like to admit.