Thursday, July 10, 2008

guilty no more

Our lower level AC conked out on us on Tuesday. It was blowing air, but it wasn't cold. I thought it was a good idea to keep it running, thinking that at least it was circulating the air. But apparently, that wasn't the best thing to do as it only made the house humid. The AC repairman could drop by that afternoon but gave me a 5 hour window. That wasn't going to work since I had to go and pick up the little man from school. So it was not until last night that it got fixed. In the meantime, we spent a lot of time upstairs in the master bedroom.

Let me just say that the twins knew instantly that there was not a play yard enclosing them. And with big brother in the mix, it was a free for all apparently. Big brother and I were sitting on the couch reading a bed time story, Thing 1 was busy inspecting corners she hadn't been into before, and Thing 2 was busy eating any lint or hair she could find on the floor. Big brother was working on his milk but left it on top of something, and Thing 1 found it a short moment later. She put it in her mouth and loved the chocolate milk. There was a big outcry from Big brother when he saw it, "That's my milk!!" he says. He runs over to Thing 1 and grabs the sippy cup. "You're not my best friend, Katie!", he says and cries some more. When I was sure Big brother wasn't going to strangle Thing 1, I go and run over to Thing 2 to stop her from eating a big knot of hair from the carpet (ew!).

After a few minutes of quiet, I return to reading the book. A few seconds later, I see Thing 1 found Big brother's sippy cup again. I look over at Thing 2 and she's crawling towards another piece of lint, or hair, or whatever it was only she could see. Oi!

Daddy walks in on us an says, "This is why we have the play yard." Yay, Daddy is home!!

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