Friday, July 4, 2008

my 1-year old are swimsuit beauties

Had we made it out to the water park today, this is what the girls would have looked like. The hat is from LandsEnd, but I only got the pink because apparently, they ran out of the white. So for the past week, I went from store after store to find another similar sun hat, but couldn't find one. Finally, I phoned LandsEnd and just ordered whatever color they had. I ended up with a red one, shipped super fast for free! Gotta love the costumer service there!

I took the picture and Thing2 ended up squinting because of the flash. And after that, she just kept on doing her squinty face. Notice her 4 huge upper teeth and the 2 on the bottom.

Gotta love Thing2's many silly faces.

Thing1 displays her lovely swimsuit. She's been playing with her tongue for the past several days like that. She has the same amount of teeth Thing1 has, but you wouldn't know it since she's always hanging out her tongue!

Thing2 discoveres the sexy back hole! Hers have one too.

Thing2 now gets fascinated by her sister's hat. Did she want to wear the red one instead?

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