Wednesday, July 23, 2008

beware the evil eye

After 5 weeks of going to physical therapy twice a week, the girls have become very familiar with the routine. Once I get called, Thing 1 twists around (she sits in front) to see where I keep the crackers and when I don't hand it fast enough, she gets very vocal. And quite loudly I might add.

Everyone in there loves these two, even the patients. Thing 1 continuously chit-chats with everyone and cries when she's out of crackers. Thing 2 took a while to start smiling, but today she did finally start. But one of the therapist 'over stayed' her welcome in talking to them (she said because Thing 1 was enjoying the conversation so much!) and Thing 2 started crying for me. She couldn't see me right away because I was paying so it made her cry even worse. After that, she gave the therapist the evil eye. Oooh, she gets Mommy's evil eye look down pat.

The nice therapist felt shamed, but I think I made her feel better when I told her even I get the evil eye. :-) But then I ran out of crackers. GASP! Now the nice lady happened to have graham crackers so she gave the girls some. Of course they stop crying. We'll see if the lady is now Thing 2's best friend on my next appointment.

Is it evil eye or evil eyeS? There are 2 eyes, after all. Oh well.

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