Friday, July 25, 2008

random tidbits

Big Bro:
  • Big Bro regularly says, "you hurt my feewings!"
  • Big Bro exclaims, "it's maybe diarrhea" before he flushes the toilet.
  • Big Bro's favorite TV shows to watch at the moment are Max & Ruby & Blues Clues.
  • He now sleeps in his room.
  • Big Bro can count to 20, but both 13 and 14 are pronounced "firteen".
  • Big Bro recognizes all of the alphabet.
  • Big Bro can buckle his own seat belt.
Thing 1:
  • Thing 1 bites when nursing.
  • Thing 1 cries everytime she sees someone eating.
  • Thing 1 sometimes looks at me and says, "bah mama!".
  • Thing 1 can out-eat Thing 2 and Big Bro any time.
  • Thing 1 has been experimenting with standing up for a few seconds without holding on to anything.
  • Thing 1 loves to sleep on her tummy.

Thing 2:
  • Thing 2 bites when nursing.
  • Thing 2 smacks me with glee. When I tell her "no hitting, only loving hands", she stops, frowns at me and then smiles and hits me again.
  • Thing 2 imitates words she hears by sound the ends; "isssss" for fish.
  • Thing 2 puckers up when we ask for a kiss.
  • Thing 2 opens and closes her fist if you sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
  • Thing 2's car seat now faces forward! (since yesterday).
  • Thing 2 loves to sleep on her tummy.

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