Tuesday, July 1, 2008

a 3-year old's attention span may be short, but their memory isn't

Matty had an invitation to a party in his cubby when I picked him up. Unfortunately, we won't make it because we will be out of town, at Nana's and Papaw's. So I explained to him that we will not make it.

Me: Matty, we can't go to Izzy's party. Alright?
Matty: I want to go!
Me: Matty, we can't because we won't be here.
Matty: Mommy, we can go. My sisters can stay home with Daddy and you and me can go!
Me: We can't because we will be at Nana's and Papaw's. They will take you fishing, remember?
Matty: And Nana will get me a big big firetruck!
Me: I don't know about that, buddy.
Matty: Yeah, it will be for Christmas. Nana & Papaw will get a big big fire truck, I can get it for Christmas from Santa.

Matty was on the phone one weekend with Nana & Papaw. He started talking about fire trucks and how he wanted one. I don't know if his Nana understood it at the time, but I think she said "Yes." So the next time they visited, Matty remembered and asked for it. Whoopsy.

It's a great lesson we're all learning: a 3-year old's memory is apparently very loooooong. I've been caught several times about something I promised (to keep the peace & quiet!), and so have Daddy. I wonder how long this will go on?

Oh and another thing (I don't want Nana to feel bad about this one so I'll add one that involves Grandma, too), because he and his Grandma had a phone conversation about dried Mango, he has been telling me that Grandma is going to send him some. At Wal-Mart this weekend, I asked what kind of dried fruit he wanted as part of his school lunch (I gave him a choice of cranberries, raisins, and as I was giving him a choice I happen to see dried Mango), and he said Grandma will give him dried Mango!!

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Sheena said...

That so precious! It's amazing how they retain information. They'll just spout things back at you from forever ago that'll stop you dead in your tracks. :-D