Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thing 1 faces forward

We are at the hubby's parents right now spending the weekend. We took the drive on Friday afternoon just in time for everyone's nap. There is something remarkable about this trip, since it's the first time Thing 1's car seat faces forward. We were re-shuffling everyone to maximize the space in the minivan and ended with Thing 2 and I in the middle row, and Thing 1 and Big bro in the 3rd row (with Thing 1 directly behind me). But I couldn't get back of my seat upright. Thing 1's car seat was take too much room. Then we decided to turn her car seat forward, but not before we weighed her though. By our scale, she weighed in at 20.5 lbs. With the car seat facing forward, there was plenty of room for me to stretch my legs! Thing 2 had to remain rear facing though.

Daddy kept teasing me about breaking down about this momentous event. He reminded me of the one lowly tear I shed when our son was able to use a public high-chair for the first time when he was four months old.

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