Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th: a bust

Since Thing1 was feverish last night, we decided that it would be better to let her rest and stay home. So Daddy stayed home with the girls, and I took Big Bro to the water park. Big Bro had an absolute blast. He actually tired a grown up enclosed slide. We weren't allowed to go together, so I went first so that I could get him right when he came out. It was dark, it was fast, and water just sprayed all over my face. Good thing I had the little man wear his goggles. As he emerged from the slide, he was almost turned over to his belly and had a slightly scared look on his face. I asked him how it was, and he said he got scared and the water went in his mouth. I reassured him that he was so brave for trying a grown up slide, but he didn't have to do it again. After that, we just enjoyed getting wet, getting splashed, and splashing people.

I was able to get him out of there with the promise of seeing the fireworks tonight, but that ended up being a bust. Right at 5pm, a severe thunderstorm rolled in. By 6pm, it was clearing out, so we left the house by 7pm to watch the county firework show. By the time we emerged from our neighborhood, there were branches dangling off of trees, in the middle of the road, and some crews reparing power lines. Surely it wasn't that bad? So off we went to our destination, only to find out that the fireworks was cancelled because of the damage the storm caused.

Of course the little man wasn't too happy about it, so we ended up doing a detour to the ice cream shop before heading back home. I am hoping the county will reschedule the fireworks tomorrow.

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