Thursday, July 10, 2008

the bangles are beautiful, but they are definitely not edible

The bangles that the girls wore the other day are beautiful. They were all but forgotten while we were at therapy (but that could be because of the animal cookies they were too busy stuffing in their faces). But that afternoon, I noticed that the short chain that connects the 2 edges of the bangle were just dangling on Thing 1. I checked it out and the link that connected it to the bangle was gone. (Momentary panic set in at this time.) I shoved my forefinger and thumb in Thing 1's mouth (I usually just use my pinky, but desperate time calls for desperate measures. Who cares if my fingers were bigger than her mouth!) and started the sweep. AHA, there it was.

So, adieu pretty bangles. The girls can have you back when they have their own chitlins to panic over. Well, maybe not that long. After all, you're the first piece of jewelry they ever had (thanks to some very thoughtful relatives).

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