Sunday, July 20, 2008

a game without winners and losers

Big Bro finally gets to bat left-handed. Since T-ball began, if you set him up initially, he positions himself to bat left-handed. But the coach turns him around, and makes him bat right-handed. We've since found out it doesn't really matter since he can apparently bat with either hand, though. Daddy talked to the coach and told him to try to let him bat however he wanted.

Did you notice the boy in 3rd base who ran after the ball instead of running home? So funny! The mom used to apologize the first 2 games, but she doesn't anymore. Why would she? we're just all happy these kids can last an hour in hot humid heat every Saturday!

This game is awesome. There is no winners or losers, yet there they are taught sportsmanship. There is only one more session left and T-ball is done. Soccer is the next in September.

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