Thursday, July 3, 2008

the latest virus in our household

On Sunday afternoon, without any warning, Big Bro vomited and instantly ran a fever. All through the first half of Monday, he just laid on the couch battling the fever. By early evening, the fever was gone and he was up and about. By Tuesday, he went back to school and he was back to his normal self.

On Tuesday morning (2:30am), Thing2 was fussy. I checked on her and she was burning up. Yesterday, she just laid around on the floor and would doze off whenever she could. By early evening, her fever was gone and she was starting to get up and play. Last night, I thought Thing1 may come down with this virus as well, so I slept on the floor in their room. This morning everyone was fine so we went to my physical therapy. And we actually made it back to the mall for lunch and a short romp in the play area. While driving home, I'm thinking, hey, maybe for once one of the twins may get spared and not get sick. But when I got them out of the car, Thing1 was considerably hotter. Too much for wishful thinking.

If the trend continues, Thing1's fever should keep up until late tomorrow and then it's finally over with. That would mean we may have to scrap our plan of taking everyone to the water park early tomorrow morning. Either that or we may have to break into teams and someone stays with the girls and one takes Big Bro.

Darn viruses! But I guess I should be thankful that this virus seems to only last 24 hours. And hopefully it spares me and Daddy or this long weekend would not be fun.

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