Sunday, June 29, 2008

I can only hope that if I take a picture, it would last longer.

Matty's obsession with fire trucks, fire stations, and Firemen started with Fireman Sam several months before Halloween of 2007. Though Fireman Sam was a wholesome, educational TV program for young kids, I thought I would go insane watching the same sets of episodes over and over and over again. The Halloween only cemented the obsession because we bought him a fireman costume. And then there is the occassional fire drill at school, and visits from the local firefighters. Oh, and there just happens to be a couple of fire stations on the way to school that he just has to see everyday, twice a day (on the way to school with Daddy, and on the way home with me). We thought it'd get old, but a year later, with firetruck toys big and small, his obsession is still going strong.

Sometimes when we eat out, we see firemen eating where we go. Oh boy, Matty just gets googly-eyed for those firemen. And there was acually once when the Fire Chief asked him if he wanted to get in the fire truck after he ate his lunch.

We saw a fire truck at Wal-Mart today, so I decided that from now on, I will take his picture with the fire truck. This may be fueling his obsession, but that's alright. I think it's a whole lot better than being obsessed with policemen (who have guns). Though a Policeman did tell him once that it's "Policemen first, Fireman second." Matty would disagree, of course.


Kristin said...

My son shouted, "Fire truck!", when he saw the picture of your son with a fire truck behind him. Thanks for visiting our blog. You have beautiful twins and a handsome boy. I bet you have your hands full. Nice blog, btw.

Sheena said...

My Dad would be proud. He is a fireman and always wanted me to do it (a laughable suggestion!) now he's starting me girls in on it. :-D