Thursday, July 17, 2008

I just love my Daddy.

Daddy's birthday is this weekend, so we had his birthday lunch on Tuesday with the twins. Big Brother was in school. Sorry, little man! While eating lunch, Thing 2 took breaks in between every 2 -3 bites to lean over on Daddy and wrap her greasy little hands around his arm. She kept doing it over and over through the entire meal. We're not quite sure why she did it, but it sure did give her time enough to chew her food and not choke herself like she and her sister did over the weekend. And of course, Daddy just ate up the cuddliness.

Thing 1 sat beside me and both she and I just went about our business of eating yummy yummy Italian food.

Notice we took the booster seat with us. It was great!! For the first time while out, I didn't need to feed the girls first before I could eat my food. We all ate together.

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