Sunday, September 28, 2008

a night at the state fair

With all the fun we had at the country fair, we thought we'd try the state fair. So we had planned on going after the kids' nap (for Big Bro to recuperate from Soccer earlier in the morning). But things rarely go according to plan - the boy didn't nap. Fortunately, he fell asleep on the way there.

Here is what greeted us right at the entrance. Big Bro was immediately transfixed on the Native American Dance. It was a great dance, and the music was live.

Thing 1 on the left, Thing 1 on the right.

For $5 and a chance to catch fish 3 times (which he did in less than 5 minutes), he won a lovely neon green monkey (which he now has to take with him to bed). The know the toys are cheaper bought outright, but Big Bro sure had fun winning them.

This was the girls' first carousel ride. The girls had could ride for free; we had to pay for Big Bro and Daddy's ride wrist bands. I didn't get a wrist band since the chances are low that we'd all be riding together. So on this picture is Thing 1. I was going to make them all ride the second time to swap Thing 1 with Thing 2. But at the last second, I asked if I could go with Thing 2 and the operator let me in! So the carousel was the one and only ride we all went in together.

Daddy, Big Bro and I had our first fried Oreo. Surprisingly, it was actually pretty good. :-)

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