Friday, September 19, 2008

Thing 1 can walk and Big Bro has huge feet

Thing 1's confidence in her ability to walk doubles everyday and finally this morning, I caught it on video.

After driving Big Bro to school, we headed to my orthopaedic appointment. We arrived 15 minutes early so I freed the girls from the stroller and let them roam around. Luckily for me, they didn't roam too far. They provided great entertainment for the people there.

Unfortunately or fortunately (it depends on which angle I view it), I will have to undergo arthroscopic surgery for both my knees. The 12 weeks of physical therapy provided only minimal improvement. The doctor can do the surgery right away, but it's not that easy with 3 little ones. I opted for about January to coordinate help from the hubby's parents. The surgery will only be for 1 knee to see if it improves. If it does, then the other knee will be done as well. If it were up to me, I'd go for both knees but it doesn't make sense if there is a possibility that the surgery won't help.

My two princess were wearing dresses today. The weather was on the cool side (finally!).

Thing 1

Thing 2

Big Bro's ginormous feet: Size 10 shoe at 3 1/2 years old
(about 7 1/2 inches)

I decided to buy Big Bro a pair of new shoes last week and found out that his feet is even bigger now. I picked up a size 9 toddler, but he was quick to tell me that it was too small when I attempted to put it on. So I looked for the foot size measuring thingamabob. I couldn't find it so I had to ask a lady who works there. She measured his feet and said he was a size 10. Ten?! In some stores, size 10 is already a youth size! Oh my. For the whole day, Big Bro kept saying, "I'm a 10! The lady said I'm a 10!"

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Dianna said...

Oh that is precious seeing her walk!!! That is great!