Thursday, September 25, 2008

walking shoes

We found out at the shoe store that Thing 1 is size 5 Wide and Thing 2 is size 5 Regular. So I dug out Big Brother's box of baby shoes to see if there is anything the girls can use. I found a brown pair of sandals that I bought for dressy occasions. Unfortunately, by the time the dressy occasion came, the shoe was already too small. But as luck would have it, it's size 5 Wide! Yay!

Here is Thing 1 looking like a sassy big girl on Big Brother's baby shoe.

And here she is walking in them. The clanking sound is just hilarious. And her stance... very funny. By the way, I was not choking her at the end of the video.

Then there is a matter of this red Wiggles which has become a source of some loud noise. As was obvious from the previous videos, everyone wants it. Daddy and I agreed that we may have to buy one more. I think we can get away with just one more since of the girls is content just pushing whoever is on it. We'll see.

Thing 2 and Big Brother "playing" together. Thing 1 has been whisked away to bed at this point to keep the peace.

1 comment:

Dianna said...

That red wiggles ride on thing sure does seem to bring them lots of fun!

The video is so cute. Must be great watching them go from one step to so many.