Thursday, September 18, 2008

the big scary great outdoors

At 9am, I decided to take the kids out for a walk in the neighborhood. I though an hour would do everyone good, since it's such a nice cool day today. But just getting ready took 15 minutes (changing the girls' diapers, sippy cups, getting the stroller and loading them into the stroller). Then just when we reached the end of the driveway, the little man decided he wanted to ride his trike. So we had to trek back and get the trike and I had to run around looking for his helmet.

Finally, we were off. I had to repeat, "Stay close to the grass, not the middle of the street!" a billion times before it finally sunk in. I'm so glad we live in a double cul-de-sac street! We didn't get far, but we did stay out there for nearly an hour.

The girls took a nap the minute we got back, and the little man snacked and played by himself in his room. I got about 30 minutes of quiet time to myself!


Looking back to make sure we're all still behind him.


A little grouchy for having to stop for pictures.

(Thing 1 in the back, Thing 2 towards the foreground.)

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Courtney said...

Great weather for getting out! I did the two on a harness, and one in my hand thing yesterday. We didn't get far either. I think they had fun just the same.