Saturday, September 13, 2008

Soccer at the Y

The weather was great today, so we finally had our first Soccer session at the Y and what fun it was. Unfortunately, Daddy couldn't make it because he wasn't feeling well (the girls stayed home with him).

The first half hour was practice and the coach had great activities for the Strikers. They played Simon Says, Battleship and some kicking drills. The 2nd half hour was for the games (3 on 3 only). Big Bro volunteered himself for the first game, which unfortunately resulted in a mini-melt down later because he realized later that he wanted to be with his best buddies (also in the same team). We really don't keep score, but the way it went, the other team kicked the Strikers butt. Either those kids has been playing before, or they just had way too much energy. Nonetheless, everyone had fun (meltdowns and all).

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Dianna said...

Hope your hubby is feeling better.

Looks like a real fun time at the Y(despite the meltdown lol). Love the picture of him kicking the ball, that is a great shot!!!!