Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is it sectoral heterochromia?

This is the little man's left eye. Look closely. Do you see anything different? Do you see the darker area on the lower left quadrant of his eye?

This is his right eye for comparison.

While waiting in line for one of the rides in Water Country USA, I noticed something in the little man's left eye. I thought it was a shadow, so I changed our position and looked, yet it was still there. It freaked me out. I asked Daddy to look at it and he casually said, "Oh yeah, I noticed that a few months ago but you weren't home so I forgot to tell you."

When we came home, he researched it online and found the term, sectoral heterochromia. It certainly does look like it. And then he searched all our pictures and sure enough, Daddy found it on picture as early as 1 year old. How could we not have noticed it before?? Though certainly, having had this for so long and not had any other symptom is a good thing. The girls have their 15 month old check next week, so I may casually ask the pediatrician about it then.

NOTE: For those internet searchers who come up with this post when Googling "twins" and "heterochromia" I have a post about one of my twin girls having heterochromia also here "one twin has sectoral heterochromia".

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Dianna said...

Does look like a bit of a shadow there. Will be interesting to see what the ped. says. Good luck!!