Tuesday, September 9, 2008

fun fun and more fun

I saw my chiropractor today and being Tuesday, I had the 3 musketeers with me. My appointment was at 9:30; I knew it would be a great time to venture out in the big big world with the 3 of them for the first time. So we went to the mall, played on the coin operator cars, had lunch and played at the play area. I think second to being a great time (early in the morning is usually a tantrum free time), what worked is that we had gone over the rules over and over before getting there.

Rule 1: You must stay close to me at all time. "I cannot protect you if you run far away from me."

Rule 2: You have to listen to Mommy or we will go home right away.

Rule 3: You have to potty with the rest of us. (Nothing worse than abandoning food at the table just to run to the bathroom - with a toddler and a double stroller!)

Rule 4: If we all cooperate with each other and have fun, we will do this again another time!

Of course rule 1 and 2 went straight out the window once we got there because he saw the new coin operated cars. But thankfully, thanks to a new parenting outlook I am trying to put into practice, nobody blew a top today and we were quickly right on track for an awesome time.

Train at the mall
Of course the first order of business is to ride the train, what else?

Then off to the firetruck. With it being so roomy, I let the girls join in the fun.
But then they cried when the I put them back in the stroller. :(
(It's Thing 2 in the window)

Thing 2 and Thing 1 trying to follow big brother and conquer the tree slide.

Thing 2 tried to climb the bridge. But it was a little hard with shoes on.

Thing 1 investigates the boat. Thing 2 heads to something more interesting. All put the girls in the boat with Big Bro, so they got to enjoy the boat together.

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Dianna said...

Looks like such a fun time!!!!