Thursday, September 4, 2008

Busch Garden

Nana, Papaw, and the cousins spent the weekend with us. On Saturday we went to Busch Garden and on Sunday, we went to Water Country USA.

It was very hot and very humid on Saturday but we did manage to ride a few things. We took Big Bro to a bunch kid places that he was able to ride by himself and enjoyed them all. All three little ducklings didn't nap. I was sure the girls would knot in the stroller being the easy babies that they are, but the heat was just too much. We went to an indoor eating place and they managed to rest. At about 7, the girls finally fell asleep.

At Busch Garden
Thing 1 and Thing 2 right after arriving.



Thing 2 sweating a whole lot.

I took Thing 1 to ride something to get her out of the stroller. Unfortunately, I didn't get to do the same with Thing 2.

Big Bro enjoying a ride. Thing 1 and I are on the next dragon.

There was a second or two that we lost Big Bro and it was a second too long. We were all hovering around and no one was keeping an eye on him and he ran off. I was terrified that I had Daddy put a luggage tag on his shorts. Funny, I know, especially that it bugged him. I had a talk with him on how to approach a mom should he get lost again, which is actually a talk I should have given him way before getting there. And how come I didn't have any tag on him??? I learned my lesson.

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Dianna said...

Looks like a great time! I haven't been to BG in more years than I can count. I can't wait till the boys are big enough to start going to fun places like that. Our big adventures include Walmart and the grocery store LOL