Tuesday, September 9, 2008

climbing little monkeys

The girls are becoming quite the little monkeys lately, especially Thing 2. She climbs on the anything she can prop her leg on. Unfortunately, neither one has yet mastered the concept of edges so there are a lot of falling going on. I have this sneaking feeling that one of these days the bumps would be a bad one, but I sure hope I'm wrong.

Thing 2 climbs on the rocking lazy boy and and climbs on the back, while Thing 1 watches on. Thing 1 is probably taking notes on the technique.
By the way, Thing 2 now has 2 extra teeth on the bottom for a total of 8 teeth.

Thing 2 reaches for Daddy as he takes the picture. This little one sure is having fun climbing on everything.

Thing 1 likes to limb too, but she's not climbing everything she sees....yet.
(She has 1 more teeth coming out the bottom and one more getting ready to peak through. It's been bothering her these past couple of days that she's not been pigging out like she used to.)

You think we're exaggerating about calling Thing 2 a monkey?


Dianna said...

I am not looking forward to when the boys can climb. Do they use each other to climb up higher and to get to things just one couldn't? Read a lot of twins do that. sigh lol

Anonymous said...

Yes they do. Thing 1 frequently will try and stand on Thing 2's stomach to get to something higher. Of course Thing 2 start's screaming and hates it...