Sunday, September 28, 2008

eating on the table

I tried the girls on Big Bro's sponge bob table, and they thoroughly enjoyed it. This is snack time, and on the menu is Graham Bug Bites cracker (milk free!) and cut up bananas. I also gave them a fork to try out for the first time. I find the fact that their feet do not reach the floor very cute. (Thing 2 on the left, Thing 1 on the right)

At one point, Thing 2 looked like she was trying to get off the chair, so I stepped in and helped. But based on her loud whailing, she didn't want to get off. So I had to sit her back in. She was then happy again.

Big Brother was snacking on the big table at the same time, so I had to check with him that it was alright for his sisters to use his table. He said yes. I suggested that we buy a square table, in order for everyone to have a space. He said no. He said he wanted to sit on the big table. But I may look at a square girly table anyway.

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Dianna said...

Love the table! So cute seeing them sitting there eating.