Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is so much fun!

Daddy worked on Sunday, so today he took a day off. We decided to spend the morning in the Botanical Garden. It's beautiful! We had a chilly start to our day and thought we all would be shivering the whole day, but the sun finally came out. There was barely anyone around, so the little man had the run of the place. The children's garden was awesome and had a great big tree house that was stroller accessible. The girls were able to walk/crawl around.

We left right at lunch time and headed to the mall. Unfortunately, the great outdoors made everyone sleepy, but the mall is just 10 minutes away. Big Bro had a 10 minute power nap and didn't sleep any more after that.

We also stopped over to the shoe store to look for 'real' shoes for the girls now that they're starting to walk. The Robeez they have is not for outdoor walking at all. But we had no luck.

Here are some pictures from the Botanical Garden. We took the camera with us, with freshly charged batteries, but NO memory card. Oi! Thank goodness for phones with cameras.

Katie w Matty in the background

Thing 1 plays on the bench, while Big Brother plays on the sand (in the background). Daddy and I had to work on keeping the girls from joining him. We knew they'd be having sand for lunch if we let them.

Snack time

With all the excitement, the kids had a late morning snack.

Tree house at the Botanical Garden

The magnificent tree house!

In the tree house

Thing 1 (pink) and Thing 2 (purple) playing in the tree house. Big Brother was here too, but he was too speedy to be caught by my camera phone.

Daddy and kids at the botanical garden

Daddy and the kids on the way out. Big Brother was fascinated by the tree.

We all had fun. There was a minor meltdown in the mall because of the lack of nap, but it was still a fun day. Tiring, but fun.

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