Sunday, August 24, 2008

county fair

We went to the county fair yesterday and was pleasantly surprised that the little man can ride most everything by himself. He had a great time especially after winning a stuffed frog (now named Froggie) after racing cars with me and Daddy (one of those water squirting race). And then he tried his hand and ball throwing. He had 3 balls and missed the first 2 times but hit the target on the 3rd. He won a little Shark (now named Sharkie).

Daddy and the little man enjoyed the Ferris Wheel.

He hit a plate on the 3rd ball after he stood up. He won a Sharkie!

Of course we had to see the train exhibition. It was tough to get him to leave!

The girls patiently watched everything in their new stroller.

Having fun on the Dragon kiddy roller coaster.

Of course he had to ride the Fire truck on this vehicle merry go round.

Car racing! It's a self-driving train of cars which looked pretty boring until it rounds the corner and whipped him around, then it was all giggles!

We visited the Police tent and he got his very own badge.

The last ride of the day was this barrel ride. It went too slow that the boy in front of him (age 3 or so) got out in the middle of it!

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Dianna said...

Looks like a very fun time. We just did the big fair here last weekend. We walked around and ate LOL Not much more you can do with two five month olds. Note to self...Do not dress them in Thing 1 and Thing 2 clothes when going someplace with so many people LOL