Saturday, September 6, 2008

we survived!

The boy was home Thursday since he is now in preschool for 3 days, instead of 5. I had been preparing for this for a couple of weeks and have decided that the best way to go is to loosely follow his class schedule; mainly the nap, snack, outside time. I think the best thing was the outside time since it tuckered him out. I had the girls in the exersaucer on the deck and we blew bubbles. The boy then played with the water guns and then we played soccer. The soccer tired him out, which worked out nicely. When we came in, I put the girls to nap and then asked the boy to play in his room quietly. I told him I wouldn't be able to go up there if he called me because I had to work. He agreed. I was going to get him after 45 minutes, but he came down himself after 40. But that was 40 minutes of quiet bliss for me. :-)

We did craft paper projects, played in the ball tent, and a few other activities. It was tiring for me, but at least there was no tantrums.

Here are the ducklings playing in the ball tent. (Thing 1 in blue, Thing 2 in pink)

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Dianna said...

Oh the ball tent looks like so much fun! Sounds like a smart idea to follow the schedule he is use to with preschool :)