Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The girls had their 12-month well baby check the day after their birthday. Katie is now 19 lbs, and Jojo is 18 lbs. They are keeping to their petite stature and are around 10-25% percentile for weight. They are also following in big brother's footsteps with their big heads. Everything is in below 25th percentile except for the head size which is in the 75th percentile. We are a family of big heads.

I am beating myself up right now for not having other numbers available. I had the paper and now I can't find it. I will post it if and when I find it.

(Jojo is on top.)

These two are becoming quite the characters. They just love climbing on top of each other especially if one is wanting what the other has.

Katie is currently the pro with her evasive technique maneuvers. All you have to do is reach out towards her if she's holding something and she does a 180 in a split second. It's quite frustrating for me when I'm teaching her to tilt her head back when she's drinking water from a sippy cup. She always thinks I'm going to take her cup away!

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Heather & Chaos said...

Your girls are absolutely adorable!! I've got to go back and look for your son too. It's always nice to find blogs of people in your similar situation. =) I'll definitely be keeping up with you. Especially since your girls and son are older than mine. I'll see what I have to look forward too. LOL!