Monday, June 9, 2008

fishing derby

It was the fishing derby at Daddy's work this Saturday and this year was the first time we've been able to make it - even though it was a stinkin' 100 degrees with what felt like 200% humidity. Thankfully, the gathering (aside from the actual fishing) was indoors in the cafeteria.
Matty's special request was a flower balloon.

Katie (and Jojo) got a rattle. The clown baloon maker obviously didn't have small children since she insisted on making this for the girls. We took them away a few minutes later.

This little boy was so impatient, he had to go outside and do this fishing thing while we all stayed in the cafeteria to eat. He and Daddy later went out to the pond to do some real fishing. No fish caught though. But now he's going to ask his Papaw to take him fishing. (Fair warning, Papaw!)

Looking around at the lobby. (Katie in front)

Matty and his awesome "soldier" hat, as he likes to call it. I had to get this in the adult section since his had is just too big for a toddler size hat.


Papaw said...

Nana is even thinking about where I can take hime.


Heather & Chaos said...

Hey I have that stroller too! I hate it! I like my BOB much better LOL! Your son is so cute!!!!