Friday, June 20, 2008

It's WWE again!

We were all inside the play yard (yes, it's that big!), with me and Daddy laying on the floor, the girls trying to climb all over us, and big brother walking around the perimeter. Jojo just couldn't get enough of me. I stand up to get something, I go on all fours, I sit, I lie down, and the whole time she's still somehow attached to me. It didn't matter that I accidentally knock her over with my big ass.

Katie climbs up on us too, but at least when the person she's holding on to moves, she lets go. But then, there's big brother who didn't seem to want to be touchy-feely tonight. At one point Katie steadies herself on him to get ready to stand up, but immediately, Matty sits up to get out of the way. As he sits up, he put his hands on Katie and Katie goes down on the floor. And Katie stays down. She's a smart one. It was like watching a sumo taking down a little munchkin. Katie didn't cry though, so no harm no foul.

Then Matty lies down on the floor to watch TV. Jojo sees him and decides to go to him. She ends up between his legs. I guess some Martial Arts genes got passed down to him because he trapped Jojo with his legs and down goes Jojo, still trapped. Jojo sits back up, and she tries another position. Again, no harm no foul.

When the girls learn to work with each other, like those two Velociraptors in Jurassic Park, I say beware Kuya!


Outnumbered said...
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Outnumbered said...

LOL... this post made me laugh! I can picture the whole event! We may be getting one of those play yards soon, glad to see they're so twin friendly!