Thursday, June 26, 2008

Matty received a Certificate of Bravery!

Bright and early this morning, Matty had his first ever dentist visit. I've been building him up to it to make sure it goes without a hitch, and it sure did! He let the hygienist show him the tools and then off to polishing. When the hygienist was done, she told Matty to wait for Dr. Castro. Matty sat quietly for a minute and then started calling for Dr. Castro out loud! It hilarious.

Dr. Castro said Matty has no cavities, but would need braces in the future since his teeth are alread crowding and he already has an over bite. I guess we should start saving now. But then again, how can we when this little boy always wants to go to the store!

So for being very brave, Matty recieved a certificate of bravery with a Chik-Fil-A coupon. He then went to school and excitedly showed his teacher his chewed up certificate. He started chewing on it in the car!

While I took Matty to the dentist, Daddy went to the DMV to get a vision test for his driver's license. He took the twins with him. I must admit I was a little worried about this, but the twins came back in one piece so I guess I was worried for nothing. I sure do hope there isn't a confession from him a few months from now about what really happened though.

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Anne said...

Congratulations Matty!! What a brave little guy!!
And I can totally relate to the twins going out with daddy alone. I used to be on pins when he went off with them, but they always returned with everything intact and usually grinning like little monkeys. I guess they have adventures with daddy that we'll probably hear about in 20 years. LOL