Monday, June 9, 2008


Yesterday, Matty asked to take a nap in his room! Yes, in his room!! I couldn't believe it either. So Daddy promptly took his air mattress to his room. Daddy and I just couldn't believe it, and decided to take advantage of the situation and went ahead and moved the twins to their own room as well. So for the first time in 3 years, the master bedroom was devoid of kids! We moved the radio as well so also for the first time in 3 years, we slept in complete silence!!

Matty had no trouble sleeping, and actually slept through the night without waking. Another shocker! Katie slept fine without a fuss, but Jojo cried and cried. It took her an hour before she fell asleep.

This morning when I gave the girls a bath, I find I have a little chipmunk. I started with Jojo, but when I put her back in her crib to give Katie a bath, she cried the entire time. And when I came back, I found her to be chewing on the crib.

I told Daddy yesterday when he was reassembling the cribs that maybe we should lower the mattress one more notch and he said no. He said if we do, their heads would be under the rails, not over. Um, that would have been nice. Oh well. To his defense, though I was thinking that the girls may be chewing on the 2 end rails without teething guards, I didn't voice out.

Jojo throws a tantrum when I stopped her from chewing the crib.

Jojo & Katie's new set up. The room is unchanged from big brother's baby days, but we have a plan to replace the car and train with fairies. I'm sure it'll happen sometime before the girls become teens.

Jojo (back) still upset about me not letting her get some fiber.

I found some ribbons and used them to tie hand towels on the rails. Hopefully they don't chew through it.

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