Friday, June 20, 2008

everyone in their place

Matty has been sleeping in his castle bed for a week without any problem. In fact, he hasn't really been waking up in the middle of the night, like his usual. It's very nice to have a master bedroom without kids. Yay!

But a couple of nights ago, Matty had a rough night. I think he is coming down with something and woke up at about 11pm and wouldn't stop crying. I asked if he wanted to sleep on the floor in our room and he agreed. I reminded him that this is only because he's sick. Who knows if that sunk in. Last night he's still coughing so we allowed him to sleep in our room again. Tonight, I will have to insist he go back to his room. Fingers cross, he won't protest. It's just like illness to ruin everything!

The girls are doing very well in their room. They take change so well. However, what they are not taking will is cow's milk. I started giving them cow's milk a couple of weeks ago, once a day. The first time, Katie's skin around her mouth turned red and developed little welts. She and Jojo both had a cold then so I thought it may just be their colds. The second day, the same thing happened to both of them. I skipped a few days and gave them cow's milk again, and hives appeared once again. It can't be a coincidence now, can it?

On Monday, I gave them yogurt and that too caused hives. The hives are immediate. So now, I've decided to stop the cow's milk. They are still breastfeeding 3x a day and eat solids really well. Either next week or the next, I will take them to the pediatrician. Thankfully, the girls are proving to be good eaters so if this is a milk allergy, they should do well eating other things.

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