Monday, June 2, 2008

the troop goes to the Y



In preparation for the T-ball at the Y, which starts in 2 weeks, we went to the meet-the-coach meeting tonight. I can't believe there were so many kids enrolled!

"Where's the soccer ball?" says Matty. I guess we will be enrolling in soccer in the fall as well.

Two of Matty's friends from school were there but in a different team. Goshdarnit! I told Daddy to go up to the ladies behind the desk and request that Matty be changed to be with his friends, but I guess it's not a Daddy thing to do. He explained to me that even though they will not be in the same team, they could still be together in the field. Um, yeah. OK. I had to take matters into my own mommy hands on this one. Nothing was done, but at least they took the info and said the athletic director would call me back.

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