Thursday, June 26, 2008

is there a hungry hippo in here?

It was pizza night last night at casa de los patos. Can you believe I found a pizza place who has drive-thru? Woo hoo! I cut the crust edge on a couple of pizzas and gave them Katie and Jojo. Matty was telling me about his day at school and how he went to the quiet mat twice. As you can imagine, I was engrossed. I turned to see how Katie and Jojo were doing and Jojo was already done with her pizza, while Katie hasn't even finished a forth of it. So I cut another crust and gave it to Jojo. After a few minutes, it was gone again. I searched the floor, and searched her high-chair, but no... it was trully gone. I got one more to give her. She finished the 3rd one just as Katie was finished her first. Holy moly, she was hungry!


Heather & Chaos said...

Drive thru pizza?!?! Where can I find that. I am truly jealous!!!

mrs.izzy said...

Yes, a drive thru!! I told my husband that I am all over any restaurant if they have a drive thru. :-)

It was Little Ceasars Pizza actually. Not the best pizza, but it's awesome in a pinch and I'm ALWAYS in a pinch. hehehe