Friday, June 27, 2008

I've never been so embarassed...

I thought our "family picnic" as Matty calls it, was going to be cancelled this afternoon because of the storm, but it was on. It didn't even rain. On Fridays, Daddy tries to pick Matty up from school and we all meet somewhere for dinner. Tonight it was Chick-Fil-A so that Matty could use his Certificate of Bravery. He gobbled up his chicken and was off to play in the playarea, while Daddy, and I and the twins ate leisurely. As another reward for being so good at the dentist yesterday, we went to Wal-Mart. Matty could pick one toy.

While walking around, he all of a sudden pointed and exclaimed, "Mommy, a big, fat, giant woman!". I swear I wanted to melt into nothing right then and there. He was pointing at an obese woman! So I grabbed his hand and kept right on walking, really fast, avoiding all eye contact. I bet I turned bright red.

How do you teach a 3-year old it isn't polite to say that? Afterall, he is just being observant and stating the obvious. Oh, I just know more of this is going to happen from now on, so I need a comeback to save face in public. Help!


Sheena said...

Oh no! Yeah, I can't wait for this to happen for the first time with the twins because I know that they will probably comment twice as loud and twice as often!

Fern said...

Oh my goodness. My mom talks about me doing this as a preschooler, too. The good thing is, you can always hope no one else could understand him. I try to rock that angle when my kids say something blush-worthy in public. "Hmm, honey? What? What was that? Oh, I can't understand..." all while booking it out of the area and murmuring constantly enough to obscure any attempts at repetition.