Tuesday, August 26, 2008

their new shoes are here

(Thing 1 standing, Thing 2 sitting)
The Robeez shoes I ordered online arrived today. So here are the girls modeling their new shoes. They are wearing a 24 month old shirt, and 18 month old pants and I must say, it makes them look very grown up. We are keeping up with the ponytail because that is the only one they cannot pull off.

Thing 1 has been standing up by herself without holding on to anything for a while now, but she's been doing it a lot more in the last few days. She stands up, squats down halfway and then stands back up again. I've also been getting her to practice taking steps and so far she can take 2 steps before making a dive for me.


Dianna said...

Very cute. they do look very grown up :)

Courtney said...

B stood for a long time... sitting and standing like that... then one day, she just started walking everywhere!!!! It wasn't like the trial and error her brother did.