Wednesday, August 13, 2008

allergy skin test

Thing 1

Thing 2

There are letters all the way to their side under the arm and right on the diaper line. Each letter corresponds to 1 prick. Based on the what I told the nurse and doctors, the only thing we were able to spare the girls were wheat and eggs. They've eaten eggs and wheat before and had shown no reactions.

I told Daddy that had I known there would be any testing down yesterday, I would have insisted that Daddy came with us. But because the pediatrician down-played the allergy, saying, "I don't think the pediatric allergist will do any testing because it sounds pretty mild.", I was pretty sure there testing wouldn't be done.

Daddy said he's had the skin prick done before and it's not pleasant and it is itchy. Based on the conversation the pediatrician and I had, he thought that only blood testing would be done because the girls are so young. He said had he known skin prick test would be done, he would have insisted that he come with me also.

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Nana said...

Poor little things!!! Connor was 2 years old when he had testing done. He wasn't allergic to anything except dust. He had asthma with viral infections.

When David was little, he also had asthma with viral infections. At that time they didn't do skin testing until 5 or 6 years of age.