Monday, August 25, 2008

my baby's baby doll

Thing 1 found 2 baby dolls last night and wouldn't let go of it. They are the dolls I bought for Big Bro when I was pregant with the twins, to get him used to having babies at home.

Thing 1 took it to bed with her. Daddy took it away because he didn't want her to have too many toys in bed, but she protested loudly. Finally, Daddy gave in and gave it back to her. (Though he again took it away after she fell asleep.)

Thing 1 is so cute holding the baby doll, I just had to take a picture. The other bear toward her leg is Coco.

Thing 2 was apparently still awake so I only got her excited. She also has a bear roomy, Zoe.

When Thing 1 woke up, I let her have the baby. She had to to have it in the stroller with her when took Big Brother to school this morning.


Sheena said...

Aww...that's precious!

Oakley said...

Pretty doll for pretty baby... She is looking so cute!!