Wednesday, August 20, 2008

my amazing little man

My little man is going to be 3 1/2 years old in a few weeks time. It's not been that long, but he is is developing by leaps and bounds and it's all so much fun to witness. Lately, we've discovered that he can count up to 5 without really counting. If he sees up to 5 things, he automatically knows how many that is. He can also do simple subtraction, addition and multiplication. He was playing something online a while ago where he needed to drag 5 balloons in a box. After putting 2 in, I asked how many more he needed and he instantly answered 3. Then last night while Daddy was giving him a bath, he asked if he could splash water on the bath wall 5 times (he was pretending to be a fireman), and after having done 2, Daddy asked if how many more he had to do to get to 5.

The little man has also discovered the difference between Daddy and I when we put him to bed. We always tell him that either Daddy or I can lie down with him only 5 minutes and then we leave and he has to to sleep. When it's my night to put him down, I set my watch for 5 minutes only after we've talked and played and ready to quiet down. But apparently, Daddy sets his timer for 5 minutes instantly, it doesn't matter if he's not done playing/reading/talking. So one night, the boy told Daddy that he must set his timer for 5 minutes AFTER he is lying down in bed with him.

This morning after I asked him to finish his candy and brush his teeth, he told me that the candy he was eating is not a "chewer" candy. He said it's a "change side" candy. I didn't know what he meant until I realized he was responding to my many many reminders that if he must try and chew candies so that he does not choke on them. I guess the candy he was eating today was too hard to chew. I just love that he has labled the candies so appropriately.

Daddy and I are just amazed by him everyday.

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