Saturday, August 23, 2008

I didn't know I had 4 children

This morning I was laying on the couch with Thing 2 and Big Bro climbing over me. Thing 1 was off in a corner playing by herself, but when she was done, she came up to us and wanted to join in.

Me: "All my children can climb on me, I don't mind. M, how many children does Mommy have?"

Big Bro: "Three!"

Me: "How many girls and how many boys?"

Big Bro: "Two girls!"

Me: "How many boys?"

Big Bro: "One!"

Me: "Great job!"

Big Bro: "No! Two boys."

Me: "Two? Where is the other one?"


NOTE: Daddy was in the office.


Dianna(riwifeandmom) said...

Too funny!!

Sheena said...

That is too funny! Sometimes it really does feel like you have another child when your married. ::haha::