Monday, August 25, 2008

did he go from being a preschooler straight to being a teen-ager?

Getting a 3 year old to eat breakfast in the morning and get dressed in time to get to preschool is sometimes like being in a time warp of some sort. I run around the house to get the twins fed and dressed and ready while the boy sits in front of the TV moving slower than molasses. He moves so slow, you'd think he's frozen in place.

This morning after telling him to put on his socks and shoes for the 100th time, he finally did it and was very proud of the fact.

Big Bro: Mommy, I did it! I put one sock on.
Me: Good job! You're becoming a big boy and pretty soon you'll get to do more stuff yourself.
Big Bro: (pauses for a second) I don't know how to drive you car, Mommy. I know how to drive Daddy's car. I don't know how to drive your car.
Me: Oh.

I called Daddy to tell him this and give him a laugh and he reminded me of something that happened the other day when he picked the boy up from school. They were on a stop light right in front of a car dealership lot.

Big Bro: Daddy, what's that?
Daddy: That's car dealership.
Big Bro: What is it?
Daddy: That is where people go to buy a car.
Big Bro: I want you to buy a car, Daddy.
Daddy: Daddy doesn't need a car right now.
Big Bro: Daddy, I want you to buy me a little car.
Daddy: So you can drive around the backyard?
Big Bro: YEAH!!

Daddy and I both had a good laugh.

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Dianna said...

Too cute. Kids always say the best things :)