Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Should I get a side-by-side twin stroller?

Twin moms, I need your help! I'm thinking of getting a side-by-side twin stroller for the girls. Do you think it's worth it? What would you recommend?

We have a Graco DuoGlider. I don't mind it, but I'm finding that the girls want to interact with each other more and more, especially when they feel overwhelmed. I take them wherever we go, doctor's appointments, errands, etc. so I need one that would fit through standard doors. The DuoGlider is big and takes so much room when we go visit the grandparents, when the van is already full (even when we use a top cargo!).

Please let me know what you recommend and what you love about it, or let me know what to stay away from.



Heather & Chaos said...

Sorry I'm no help. I can't believe you've lasted this long with the duoglider. I HATE it. It'll will be SOLD the minute the girls are out of their baby carseats. My side by side would not work for you. I have the BOB jogging stroller. I think for what you want, you want something smaller. Try looking at the Combi twin stroller. I've seen pictures and it looks nice and compact - as compact as can be when your talking twins SBS!! Or, the other thing I've heard of is two umbrella strollers and there is some sort of attachment you can by that can hook them together. I don't remember where I saw that though. Good luck!!

Fern said...

I have the Combi Twin Savvy and LOVE IT. I could go on and on. It's narrow enough to navigate through doorways easily, lightweight, folds down really small and has a nice shoulder strap, the front lap bars come off or unhook on one side to make it easy for older kids to get in and out, seats recline separately, it still steers great if you have an older kid on one side and a light baby on the other, and the sun canopies are nice and big. Capacity on mine (12004 model) is 45 lbs per seat or 90 lbs total. I absolutely love it and obviously cannot say enough about it. ;) Oh, also the seats are wide enough to be comfortable for my boys who are almost 40 lbs each -- actually all three of my older kids fight over who gets to ride in the stroller.

Traci D Watkins said...

YES!! You definitely should. I honestly have to say...with my twins (2 yrs old) I have gotten more use and out of my Tike Tech Jogging Stroller (we received as a gift) than the tandam stroller, which I only used when they were newborns, how often did I go anywhere?! I am still using this stroller for extended outings, I checked online and here is the link to a similar model:
We have used this on the beach, on loose gravel, you name it, it will virtually travel on ANY terrain. Tires are "inflatable bicycle type" that come off for storage and easier to fit in a vehicle. Even has a hand brake for more control, a canopy, seats recline, and large storage compartment underneath. I do agree with you, twins would prefer to sit and interact with one another. It will make life a lot easier for you! Good Luck Shopping!

Dianna(riwifeandmom) said...

We just go the double Baby Trend is ok, if you aren't using it jog...which I am not LOL The issue for jogging would be the front tire doesn't fine for just walking. Folds up easy. No problem fitting that and the double snap and go in the back on of the minivan.