Friday, January 30, 2009

tampons and pre-schoolers don't mix

Yesterday, Curious George woke up before me (not an uncommon occurrence) and tried to get me to get up and start the day. When I finally got up to use the bathroom, he followed me. There he saw two big boxes of tampons.

CG: Mom, you use this for your pee-pee?

Me: Um, yeah.

CG: I use this on my pee-pee?

Me: No, Matty. Only girls use it.

CG: I use it on my penis?

Me: No. Only girls use it.

CG: On your penis?

Me: No, girls don't have penis.

CG: Why?

Me: Because girls and boys are different.

By this time, I hurry up with my morning ritual and run out the bathroom!

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