Sunday, January 25, 2009

taking advantage of the warmer weather

It's been so cold the past few weeks, we took advantage when it became warmer. We went outside to have some fun, even if it was cloudy.

Thing 1 in red, Thing 2 in white.

Curious George was busy loading the jeep that the girls took advantage and hopped on in.

Between the girls, they can make the jeep move. One on the steering wheel, the other on the pedal. It was a little scary to be in front of them taking pictures.

Thing 2 joins Daddy on the steps and wants to sit just like him.

And then Thing 1 joins the fun.
(Please pretend you didn't see the Christmas decoration that is still hanging on the front door, because we're doing the same)

What's going on here? Could it be a foreshadowing of Thing 1's teen-age years? Hmmmm.

Thing 1 decides to go down the steps and join Thing 2. These 2 must always have time together.

I want to be in the shot, but what's with Thing 2's face?

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Dianna said...

Getting outside is so nice! Spring can not get here fast enough. Great pictures :)