Sunday, January 18, 2009

videos from the aviation museum

Thing 1 is in pink, Thing 2 is in blue.

Daddy and the kids experiment with the exhibits and try to steer the plane. Thing 1 & and Thing 2 were curious, but as soon as the fan started blowing, Thing 1 hightailed out of there. She didn't like the wind on her face. Thing 2 didn't mind though. Curious George was amused, and then he was off to something else.

Thing 1 became fascinated with the engines, "Whazzat?!" she asks over and over again. She touched the engine behind her, but I think it hurt her finger (and almost cried about it), so she moved on to other engines. Notice Thing 2 saying, "Uh oh" because the thing she touched moved. Then she tried to run away from us. In an effort to get her to come back, I said bye to make her think she's being left behind and she waves back! Silly thing. I knew she'd come back to me though. :-)

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