Saturday, January 31, 2009

All is not quiet on the home front while Mommy is away.

While Mommy was teaching Curious George new ways to abuse the language on the way to see Dora Live, the girls were all alone with Daddy. It took all of 2 minutes after mommy left for Thing 1 to throw up on the carpet in front of the TV. I picked up Thing 2 to put her behind the corral for her safety, and carried Thing 1 to the kitchen where she proceeded to throw-up again covering most of the kitchen floor. She was very upset because of being sick and being wet.

On the bright side, yes there is one, it was not because she is still sick, she had just eaten some food a little too fast and when she coughed she threw-up and kept on going. After a long time of cleaning up both the girl and the floor, which still annoyingly smells like resolve, everyone had a good lunch including Thing 1 and had a nice nap.

By the time Mommy and CG arrived back home, everything was quiet except for the boy who was too hyped up about Dora Live. Of course that was until Thing 1 and Thing 2 woke up from their nap. I went to go get them only to find Thing 1 completely naked except for a diaper and socks. Her pj's were on the floor, and no there is no stripper pole in the room so I do not know how she managed it. When I got both of them downstairs, Mommy had the wonderful luxury of discovering Thing 1 ALMOST.. I repeat ALMOST had another liquid poop event. We managed to squeak by. Of course, since she was naked, it would have just been on her bed, the floor, and probably her sister by the time we got upstairs..

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mrs.izzy said...

Well, at least wasn't the poopie kind of mess. That would have been a lot more work.

But you did a great job. I'm sure the girls enjoyed spending time with you. :-) To think, by next year we'll ALL have to go to one of these shows.