Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hiya, horsey!

This is Thing 2 really enjoying the horsey while I'm on the phone with Daddy. Notice Thing 1 saying "TV!" in the background. She's looking at the camera display as I was taping Thing 2.

This is what happens to Thing 1's face within 2 minutes when she gets to licking her brother's empty yogurt cup. There are little welts within the red spots, but it's not obvious on the picture. Curious George is usually pretty good about putting his milk stuff away from his sisters. He knows that it makes them sick.

On the subject of stomach bugs: It was Daddy's and Thing 1's turn at vomiting last night. We are being careful not to give it to Curious George, if it's even possible. He and I are going to see Dora The Explorer live on Saturday so he can't be sick!

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